For general inquiries, reports of harassment, or if you see ICE, call: 773-917-4505

Who We Are

We are Rogers Park neighbors coming together to protect our community, especially those among us who are being targeted because of national origin, legal status, faith, gender expression, or race.

As a community that prides itself on our diversity, we are moving to put our values into action:

  • Standing together as neighbors who live, work, and study in Rogers Park
  • Standing together against government policies that target the most vulnerable among us
  • Standing together against acts of hate and violence that threaten the heart of our community

This is neighbor-to-neighbor work!  We are developing a rapid response network here in Rogers Park and joining with other groups across the city to keep our communities strong.

Contact Information

General inquiries:
For suggestions and feedback:


Print a sign and put it in your window to show your commitment to keeping Rogers Park safe for all. Also, why not print a few for your friends?

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